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Integrative Pediatrics

Integrative Pediatrics

Integrative Pediatrics

Integrative Pediatrics

Bruce Boynton, MD, MPH FAAP, CCHP, CCA is a skilled and insightful Integrative Pediatrician, who cares for newborns, teenagers and adults.

Dr. Boynton has developed a multi-disciplinary approach that uses Western medicine, Chinese medicine, functional medicine, nutritional and herbal approaches.

Dr. Boynton’s extensive Western clinical background is matched by his knowledge of several integrative approaches that enables him to treat the whole person rather than to simply address symptoms. He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Asian Healing Arts, Aromatherapy and Functional Medicine.

Dr. Boynton’s goal is to address the root causes and promote optimal health for a lifetime, in contrast to traditional pediatric practices that emphasize symptom suppression and unnecessary prescriptions. His focus on wellness in every aspect of your child’s life allows him to do more than just treat symptoms.

Through an extensive intake process, Dr. Boynton selects the appropriate nutritional, herbal or medical therapy. He will look as the factors which influence health: genetic, environmental, nutritional and emotional.

Dr. Boynton understands that parenting is challenging enough, but the 21st century has introduced new issues, everything from GMO to environmental toxicity can affect the well-being of your child. He will guide and support you as a parent so your child can grow up safe and healthy in an increasingly complex world.

He treats a wide range of conditions including:

  • Infant issues such as persistent crying, reflux, sleep disorder and colic
  • Environmental issues including asthma, food allergies and food intolerances
  • Behavioral challenges including ADD/ADHD, anxiety, aggression and austistic spectrum disorders
  • Childhood health challenges such as chronic ear infections, vaccine issues, tonsil and adenoid problems

Dr. Boynton is often described as respectful, caring and thorough.


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