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Tips to Stop Bedwetting

On : 12 June, 2017

In : ADHD , Allergy , Bedwetting , Gluten Sensitivity


There is scientific evidence that bedwetting can be relieved by eliminating certain foods from your child’s diet.  A. Husmann, M.D. and Douglas Tietjen, M.D. from the Department of Urology at the Mayo Clinic found a link between dietary allergies and bladder instability.  These doctors found that all of the patients in the report they presentedRead more

Natural Tips for Baby Colic

Nothing is more heartbreaking that seeing a baby in pain. Here are some tips that may help eliminate or reduce your baby’s distress. Food allergens are the most common cause of baby colic. If you are breastfeeding, eliminate the most common food allergens for at least 2 weeks. The most common food allergens include dairy, wheat,Read more

Tips for Naturally Dealing with Anxiety

On : 23 April, 2017

In : Anxiety , Blood sugar


Feeling anxious, panicky and out of control? About 65% of patients who come into my office report that they suffer with anxiety and panic attacks. When you feel stressed, your body produces a burst of fight or flight hormones. This sudden burst of hormones can lead to problems with breathing, chest pain, dizziness, trembling, sweating,Read more

Tips for Weight Loss Resistance

“It doesn’t matter what  I do, I can’t lose weight” is one of the most common concerns I hear in my practice.  Here are some tips that may help to explain why you can’t lose weight and what you can do about it. Hidden Causes: Hypothyroid: Low thyroid function can be a major player in weight-lossRead more

7 Steps for Healing Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases include lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, and others. Autoimmune conditions are due to a runaway immune response also known as systemic inflammation that results in your body attacking its own tissues. The answer to eliminating autoimmune conditions is to find and eliminate the causes of inflammation inRead more

Facts About Sugar You Need To Know

On : 03 November, 2016

In : Blood sugar , Cancer , Infection , Inflammation


There are an estimated 300,000 deaths per year due to the obesity epidemic. After decades of research, experts conclude that sugar is to blame. Since the late 70’s, Americans have more than doubled their dietary sugar intake. As a result, Type 2 Diabetes now accounts for 95% of all Diabetes cases. In the 70’s, theRead more

Tips for Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss is usually due to hormonal imbalance, thyroid conditions, nutritional deficiencies or high levels of stress leading to stress hormone imbalances.  I have helped many patients over the past 34 years who had hair loss but I didn’t realize how devastating it was until I lost half of my hair in 2014. I now have allRead more

Is My Bladder Pain a UTI or Something Worse?

Symptoms of a urinary tract infection include frequent and painful urination, muscle ache, abdominal pain, fatigue and weakness. If you have these symptoms but no bacteria is present in your urine, you may be suffering from a condition called Interstitial Cystitis (IC). More than 3 million women in the US suffer with this condition. ItRead more

10 Tips For Eliminating Constipation

Causes of Constipation: Allergy or sensitivity to certain foods Imbalance in the natural bacterial balance in the intestine Magnesium and Vitamin C deficiency Low thyroid function Lack of fiber, healthy fats and safe starches in your diet Emotional stress Neurotransmitter (brain chemicals) imbalance Lack of moving your body daily Chronic use of medications such as antacids,Read more

Low Vitamin D, Eczema & Allergies

On : 19 June, 2016

In : Allergy , Eczema , Inflammation


Several studies have found that vitamin D deficiency increases the risk for allergies and eczema. Facts regarding vitamin D: Vitamin D status is important in both eczema and allergies because of it’s ability to reduce inflammation and regulate the immune system – both eczema and allergy are inflammatory conditions Vitamin D increases the amount ofRead more

How To Heal Hashimoto’s Natually

  Fatigue Mental Fog Weight Gain Cold Sensitivity Dry Skin, Hair, Nails Constipation Increased Menstrual Bleeding Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally Through Dietary Changes Avoid the raw cruciferous vegetables known as goitrogens. Eating raw broccoli, kale, cabbages, brussel sprouts and cauliflower can interfere with thyroid function. It is ok to eat them cooked. Follow an allergy elimination diet byRead more

5 Tips to Relieve Joint Pain

On : 06 March, 2016

In : Allergy , Arthritis


A natural approach to joint pain has been shown to be more safe and effective than taking medications. Here is a program that will decrease inflammation and help repair your joints. Identify and Remove Food Allergens The most common food allergens are eggs, wheat, oats, corn, barley, dairy products, soy, citrus, chocolate and peanuts. AllergensRead more

10 Tips For Combatting Depression

On : 26 February, 2016

In : Allergy , Depression , Inflammation


  Several studies have shown that people who ate poor quality foods were more likely to be depressed and that people who ate a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fish were less likely to be depressed. Good nutrition plays a key role in keeping us emotionally healthy!       Here are 10 Tips toRead more

8 Natural Tips for Menstrual Cramps

On : 15 February, 2016

In : Menstrual Cramps , PMS , Uncategorized


What Causes Menstrual Cramps? Inflammatory foods, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and stress are the major culprits causing menstrual cramps. The fat in dairy products, red meat and processed foods leads to the production of chemicals called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are the chemicals that cause uterine contractions and menstrual cramping Stress releases excessive amounts of the hormone cortisol High levelsRead more

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